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Observation and MRI Monitoring of Acoustic Neuroma

Observation with repeat imaging to track the tumor and to monitor its growth is an option in some cases. Observation with MRI scans requires vigilant follow up and monitoring of hearing and other symptoms that are secondary to the tumor. There is a mutual commitment by the patient and our center to follow the tumor and ensure that any growth is monitored. This option may be considered when the tumor is of smaller size and is not causing any symptoms. In addition, when the patient diagnosed with the tumor is of advanced age and asymptomatic, electing to monitor the tumor for any change in size or appearance is often an option.

The treatment plan is reevaluated after every MRI to ensure that no changes in this plan need to be considered. There are times that other treatment options need to be considered during the observation, especially if change in tumor size or appearance is noted. Often, in these situations, radiosurgery or surgical resection are considered to manage the tumor itself.

Acoustic Neuroma are benign tumors—they do not spread elsewhere in the body. Having said that, they can grow locally and cause major complicating symptoms. Thus, it is imperative that if a tumor is not treated immediately that it is followed closely with MRI to assess for any changes.

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