The Center for Acoustic Neuroma Dallas, Texas

Treatment Options

Once an Acoustic Neuroma has been diagnosed, the various options for treatment are considered. All factors need to be assessed when considering next steps in management of the tumor. A plan for the specific tumor as well as for the specific patient should be formulated. There can be no “cookie cutter” treatment for this rare and complicated diagnosis—each tumor and patient needs to be evaluated individually and all options considered. At the Center for Acoustic Neuroma, having all of the possible treatment options available, including microsurgical resection using the various potential approaches as well as state of the art radiosurgery, allows patients to receive the most appropriate treatment for their specific tumor and situation. Decision making for treatment of Acoustic Neuroma is dependent on many factors, most notably the size of the tumor, associated symptoms, as well as general health and age of the patient, among and other factors. The various options for management of an Acoustic Neuroma are detailed:

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